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This is a makeup reservation for the Olympia Amateur Japan and Japan Pro contests, which will be held at Belle Salle Shibuya Garden on November 24th (Fri), 25th (Sat), and 26th (Sun), 2023.

Our team consists of professionals dedicated to enhancing the beauty of competitors to the fullest. Our artists, with their abundant experience and knowledge, consider the stage lighting, the condition and characteristics of each competitor, and provide the most suitable makeup. We are committed to boosting the confidence of the athletes and maximizing their performance and beauty on stage.

Specialist Artists for the Competition

We will arrange staff specialized in fitness makeup for you. Your makeup will be applied considering stage lighting, conditioning, coloring, and more!

Capable of Handling Accidents

We will be on standby near the venue, so in the unlikely event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances that may cause your makeup to be disrupted, we will be able to assist you. (Please note that an additional fee may be incurred.)


Regarding Makeup Appointment Times

After your order is completed, our staff will contact you at the registered email address at a later date. At that time, we will consult with you regarding the meeting place, makeup details, and makeup times.